OBJECT OF THE GAME: Flick the ball towards the opposite side of the table, without hitting the turnover chips. If you hit the turnover chips in any of the three attempts, you lose your turn and it becomes the opposite player’s/team’s turn. Your goal is to have any part of the football hang over the edge of the end zone, which results in a touchdown.

      1. Place the football anywhere on the solid green area before the 10 yard line.
      2. Each possession consists of three downs (attempts).
      3. Before your third attempt, if you don’t think you can make it to the edge of the table for a touchdown, you have the option to go for a field goal from that location (worth 3 points).
      4. A "TOUCHDOWN" (6 points) occurs when “ANY” part of the football is hanging over the edge on the opposite side from where you started. However, the football cannot fall over completely.
      5. EXTRA POINT
      If you score a touchdown, an extra point (1 point) is attempted by placing the field goal in position and flicking the football through it just like a field goal kick. Together with your opponents, you can determine the field location for the field goal attempt. Flicking from the 50 yard line may be considered hard, but flicking from the other side of the field is pretty difficult. Are you up for the challenge?
    6. TWO POINT CONVERSION: After making a touchdown, you also have the option to go for a two point conversion. This can be done after you score a touchdown. You set the football on the 10 yard line, and have one attempt(flick) to get the football again to the edge of the table to successfully get the two point conversion.


      1. You have two (2) "TURNOVER CHIPS", which you are allowed to place anywhere on your side of the 50 yard line. Once you place them down, you are not allowed to move them again until your opponent has finished all his/her turns. If at any time your opponent hits your turnover chips, it will automatically become your turn on offense.


      1. Games can be played up to whatever score you want. The higher the number, the longer the game! You can also play the game by having 5 possessions for each team, and the team with the most points after 5 offensive possessions wins the game.
      2. When playing with teams, you can switch players in between flicks or in between possessions.
      3. If you’re up for another challenge, how about a flick-off? Have someone time you and see how many field goals you can flick in a minute! Can your opponent beat that number? For this challenge, you will need to purchase additional Buzz Ball footballs on our site.
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