How this venture came about

As far back as I can remember, I always enjoyed playing football with my childhood friends on a cafeteria table. We made the football from a piece of paper by folding it into a triangle. Then, we had to flick that paper three times to the edge of the table to score a touchdown. I vividly remember making field goals with our hands and trying our best to flick that triangular paper through the goal. Touchdown!

Moving forward to 2004

Moving forward to 2004, my wife and I were at a local bar that happened to be sponsoring a Flick Ball tournament that evening. Just for fun, we started playing and ended up winning that tournament. Two weeks later, we had to meet at another bar and compete against all the other couples that won around town in order to go to the regionals in Tampa. So we competed again and actually won! Our next stop was Tampa, Florida for the regional Championship in Busch Gardens.

The grand prize

The grand prize for winning the regionals tournament was a trip to Houston, at the same time as the Super Bowl, to compete in the National Tournament for FLICKBALL. Surprisingly, my wife and I won the Regional Tournament in Tampa and were heading toward the Super Bowl in Houston to represent Florida as we competed against the other couples representing their individual states. We ended up coming in 2nd Place at the National Tournament in Houston. What an experience!!!

Now it’s 2005

The next year, I decided to enter the same tournament to try my luck again. This time, the National Championship was going to be held in Hawaii, on Pro Bowl weekend. Guess who ended up in Hawaii to watch the Pro Bowl game and compete in the National Flickball Tournament? …the same guy who used to play table football with a triangular piece of paper! We experienced another amazing trip and were able to play this exciting game that has seemed to be part of our lives for such a long time.

Well now here in 2014

In 2014, I decided to launch "BUZZBALL" because I wanted everyone to keep on playing this game forever. BUZZBALL can be played by families, friends, fans, or anyone looking for fun! It’s one of the few games that any age can play and can be taken anywhere. This BUZZBALL table will definitely be at all our tailgating and family events!